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Uses Of Hoarding Advertising

The most prominent form of advertising is hoarding advertising. It can be correctly identified as one of the oldest and effective marketing tools. An OOH can be anything from Billboards, sale displays, bus-stop or kiosk posters.  If you want to grab someone’s attention in the fastest way then OOH (Out Of Home) advertising is the Read More

Why should you be on hoardings


Like the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire, similarly, the most powerful weapon in marketing is a brainy hoarding in public. A profound marketer can never underestimate the significant impact the hoarding has on the sale of his products. It is the one that keeps the life of business going Read More

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Outdoor Advertising Methods, Tactics, and Tips

Outdoor Advertising has become more common in public as consumer usually see them regularly/daily. But in these days every business is keener on grabbing the attention of the consumers to generate huge revenue, as result of this there is huge rise in competition within the businesses. It is estimation that an individual see 10s of outdoor Read More

Outdoor impressions

Outdoor Impression Measurement System

Outdoor advertising impressions have been tracked traditionally from ages by using traffic counts and daily effective circulation (DEC) in order to estimate reach. Over the years these estimates/figures are only the possible means to measure/track the impression count of an OOH campaign. Several researches are going from years to give accurate results about number of Read More