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Outdoor advertising - ADmyBRAND

Outdoor Advertising Methods, Tactics, and Tips

Outdoor Advertising has become more common in public as consumer usually see them regularly/daily. But in these days every business is keener on grabbing the attention of the consumers to generate huge revenue, as result of this there is huge rise in competition within the businesses. It is estimation that an individual see 10s of outdoor Read More

Glossary audience


AADT – Annual Average Daily Traffic Measurement representing the total number of vehicles passing a specific highway location, based on 24 hour counts taken over an entire year. Counts are adjusted to an estimate of annual average daily traffic; taking into account seasonal variance, weekly changes and other factors. AADT’s are input used to develop Read More

Outdoor impressions

Outdoor Impression Measurement System

Outdoor advertising impressions have been tracked traditionally from ages by using traffic counts and daily effective circulation (DEC) in order to estimate reach. Over the years these estimates/figures are only the possible means to measure/track the impression count of an OOH campaign. Several researches are going from years to give accurate results about number of Read More

Facts 3

Facts you must know before Advertising

For every business owner or an advertiser there are some facts or factors or tips that must know before promoting their own brands. Advertising world is now more challenging, innovative and broad compared to 20th century or late 90’s. Advertising industry is fast picking and raising the business with great brand awareness and good ROI. Read More

Outdoor advertising trends

Outdoor Advertising Trends

These days online digital metrics are throwing the challenge at the biggest Out-of-home (OOH) companies. There always exists a comparison between online and offline advertising, video which is daily viewed by 5 Million is considered as a huge success whereas if billboard advertisement claims 5 Million impressions, it is mentioned as “prime real estate”. Other Read More

Digital signage 4

Digital Signage

Those colored eye-catching light-boxes illuminating the city informing the people about the brand are the window to the engaging smart advertising solution using the Light Emitting Diodes (LED s). Although there are many conventional advertising platforms like radio, television, newspaper and hoardings but due to their repetition and boredom, people want something creative, something they Read More

Business Analytics 3

How Analytics help in making Business?

Expanding a business is a big challenge.Every decision made today has a significant impact on the future of that organization. The rate at which a company responds to challenges in the present and the future is what determines their rate of success. Successful business owners know the needs of their ideal customers.This includes collecting and Read More

Emerging Technologies in Advertising

What are emerging technologies in Advertising?

Advertising is changing day by day, technology will continue to shape future of advertising it seems this will be a positive change. A more personalized, automated, measurable, immersive and quicker future awaits for the world of advertising. It won’t feel like advertising. It is very tough to impress consumers & gain there attention now a Read More

features of AMB

Our plan on becoming pioneer in advertising industry

We aim to become virtual assistant of every marketing professional, empowering brands to manage their ATL marketing campaigns, in just few clicks within minutes. Sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming when you are exposed to a wide range of products that too over PPTs, word files, mails and excels. That’s where the Admybrand analytics, Read More

Secret of success

The Secret to Success

AdmyBrand provides separate platforms to advertise on different channels and having to select the best places to put your advertisements in the digital world is an increasingly daunting task. Programmatic advertising enables marketers to more effectively funnel messaging across desired channels and optimize share of attention to reach the most desirable markets and demographics, and use Read More

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