audiowala bus stand

Audiowala Bus Stand ?

When running a marketing campaign, it is important that it is targeted to the right audience. It should be catchy, and most importantly, it has to be cost-effective. Yes, in the fierce competition you cant afford to be extravagant. Marketing gurus have to be on the toes to find out innovative and pocket-friendly ideas for their clients.

One such brand -Vrittii Media is a reputed name in India for their out-of-the-box thinking and effective Outdoor advertising ideas. In the recent years, the company has made an impressive presence in the rural and urban marketing by making use of appropriate ways of communicating to the large audience. There unique creation Audiowala Bus Stand got accolade of marketing gurus. The idea is outstandingly effective and one of its kinds.

What is Audiowala Bus Stand?

According to the statistics bus stand is the second most frequently visited place in India, the first place goes to Railway stations. According to reports, there is an enormous footfall of around 100 Million people if we consider the prominent 100+ bus stands of the Maharashtra state only. You can imagine the huge potential if we consider the bus stands of all other progressive states put together.

Strangely, the immense potential of Bus terminal Advertising in India was underutilized till Vrittii Media came out with their path-breaking idea, Audiowala Bus Stand! It is the trendsetter company who made a wise use of it by embedding their marketing skills and modern technology.

The idea is a massive hit indeed

Bus service is the lifeline of rural areas. It is an approachable and affordable mode of transport. A few states in India offer exceptionally reliable and punctual bus services, e.g. Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Goa, and Karnataka. Vrittii Media, one of the top Outdoor advertising agencies in india did adequate research before launching the concept. The company didn’t look back after the first success. Today, it runs incredibly effective campaigns in several states and promoted services and products of diversified clients.

The Success Story

Many brands used the concept and reaped big business benefits by advertisement in rural areas. GoodKnight Fast Card, SBI, Cadbury and Parle are a few examples. Since the reach of the campaign is immense, while the costs are relatively low, it adds a good value to the profitability. No wonder, Vrittii Media replicates it in other states also. Surely, it will become a big differentiator in the coming times. Advancement in the technology will refine it further.

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