Understanding Pricing of Outdoor Media

Ever thought  of marketing  out of your door! Well, public must be conversant with new services and products of the company and to be so, MNC’s  from automobile, telecom and IT sector lionize their services and products. Showcasing the technical and operational prowess, the mammoth organizations have created a buzz across the cities. Many start-ups and small companies have reaped attraction and financial reward through outside media.


Organisations in both private and public sector have learned that the ability to communicate effectively with their target audience is critical to their success. Advertising and other types of promotional messages are used to sell products and services as well as to promote causes, market potential candidates. Outdoor advertising can range from posters or signs in a ballpark, at a rally, on a bus-stop bench, on the outside of a bus, mobile van branding, hoarding and around an airport, billboards along metro, or rural highways and byways. It can even be a magnetized sign you put on the side of auto, rickshaw or cycle. Metro advertising and bus branding is an ideal solution to target a captive commuter audience throughout their journey – from the station concourse, to the platform and on the train itself – it’s an end-to-end media story. More recently, for micro marketing campaign, small engine scooters have come into play. The small scooter is used to pull a tall and narrow signage. This form has become a very effective intercity advertising method for metropolitan cities in India.


Vodafone embarked on an outdoor advertising campaign, which is executed by Kinetic Worldwide, India. The campaign, which was rolled out on November 25, features multiple mediums to create maximum impact in the minds of the consumers. With over 400 branded autorickshaws leading the campaign, the offer was also promoted on unipoles, billboards, metro panels, railway station panels, metro train branding and so on. Start-ups like Zoomcar branding rental cars to blazon their brand. Uber has vastly advertised its services like Rs. 49 for 8 kms through billboards, metro panels etc, by which Uber application downloads have exponentially piled up.

If outdoor advertisement is compared with internet advertisement, media spend share is more but it’s superior in case of targeting potential customers. Outside advertisement cost 80% less than newspaper and television ads, and 50% less than radio ads. Over 8 in 10 commuters look at advertising message most of the time, thus it more noticeable. Nearly 1 in 4 adults who have viewed a bill-board have visited a website or application they have seen advertised, thus causes high online traffic. Outdoor advertisement creates more impact on customers to purchase the product.


Thus outside of home advertisement has foster and promulgated larger and small sized companies and brought larger audience onboard in very efficient and businesslike manner. So, Nearly everyone in the modern world are being influenced to some degree by advertising and other forms of promotion.


Special Thanks to Mr. Pankaj Shukla for contributing in this Article.

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