Innovation in Outdoor Advertising

As a consumer, you will see outdoor advertising almost every day, although these days, it is harder and harder to actually grab the attention of the average customer. It is said that we see hundreds of outdoor advertisements every day, more if living in a city like Mumbai. But, recall of those ads is almost zero. So, doing it the right way it imperative or it is simply a waste. 

Also known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising, outdoor advertising is a broad term that describes any type of advertising that reaches the consumer when he or she is outside of the home.

It really is that simple. It can be segregated into smaller segments (explained below) but when it comes down to it, if it’s outside of the home, it’s outdoor advertising. 

Outdoor advertising is considered a mass-market medium, just like broadcast, radio, TV, and cinema advertising. For this reason, it is better utilized for broad messages, branding and support campaigns.

If you are looking to do an outdoor ad, whether as an agency or for your own brand, remember that it cannot do the heavy lifting. Any attempts to do so will usually lead to a very cluttered and confusing message, and with so little time to take in the ad, it will be wasted money. Once you start putting more than 10 words of copy on a billboard, for example, you are asking an awful lot of the consumer. Many are driving past at high speed. Many more have their head in a smartphone. So, you have to choose wisely, and also take into account the digital me that can pair with the outdoor message. The attention grabbing technique should be very well been shown and presented. The attraction of consumer is an important factor here.

Outdoor is a staple of the media mix, as it reaches hundreds of thousands of people, by foot, mass transit, or car, and is usually very quick and with impact.

1. Billboard:

In a time when traditional media is often ignored or tuned out, smart marketers have the opportunity to benefit from the results-driven advertising billboards can offer. Brands are built on our roadways, where your audience is receptive to buzz worthy advertising. In fact, it’s the only time of day when consumers are not distracted by mobile phones. Billboard signs help us decide what to do and where to go, acting as guides, helping us find businesses and services and helping businesses find customers. Billboards work well alone or in tandem with TV, radio, online and mobile. Billboards can be placed in various attractive places and can be a go-on-opportunity to advertise.

Mobile network and boards

Combine the branding power of OOH with the connectivity of mobile to increase engagement opportunities with your target audience! Reinforce your message with a complementary mobile ad, by geo-fencing OOH assets and key secondary locations. Barcode can be used on boards which can be traced and looked upon by the costumers on their food.


3. Speculator

High profile and unique, spectaculars, most included are among the hottest inventory across the country and appear in iconic locations. Crating a speculators are another way to grab the attention.


4. Audio technology

Connect with all mp3, radio, and satellite listeners with earphones via your out-of-home display. These audio components can be added to any backlit ad or platform poster with a pedestrian target. It adds an interactive dimension to an already powerful medium. It even command attention and create a buzz as others are drawn to the activity happening around.


5. Organizing events

Ignite connections between consumers and brands in unexpected ways. Utilize street teams to launch your brand whereas give away samples and drive sales. Create excitement around your brand that is sure to catch social media attention!


Special Support for this Article : Khushali Changela



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