Month: March 2022

Outdoor impressions

Outdoor Impression Measurement System

Outdoor advertising impressions have been tracked traditionally from ages by using traffic counts and daily effective circulation (DEC) in order to estimate reach. Over the years these estimates/figures are only the possible means to measure/track the impression count of an OOH campaign. Several researches are going from years to give accurate results about number of Read More

Innovations: The Fuel of Out of Home Advertising

Recently, while waiting to check-in at the airport, I could not help but look at the digital boards all around featuring fun trivia, gossip and advertisements. It made me reminiscence those days Read More

5 Tips For Perfect Mobile Marketing

Whether you’re involved with eCommerce or own a brick-and-mortar store, mobile marketing should be utilized. If not, your competition is going to have a rather significant upper hand. Take into consideration the growth that marketers have begun to spend on mobile. According to eMarketer, in 2010, a mere “2.1% of all digital search ad dollars Read More

AD Blocker

The Best things in life aren’t free which clearly explains why the websites have so many advertisements that use the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers . These advertisements are unwanted distractions that deviate focus of the user .Also these are often misleading and deceptive ,functioning mostly on fake facts and hiding background Read More

Free ad posting

Top 10 Free Ads posting sites in India

Since the advent of mankind, it has always been about commodities. More than that, about its trade. So how it all was made possible? It’s quite simple actually, ‘Demand and Supply’. Even before electronic media was developed as a source of spreading information, our ancestors found amazing ways to emanate the need to buy/sell commodities. Read More

Outdoor advertising trends

Outdoor Advertising Trends

These days online digital metrics are throwing the challenge at the biggest Out-of-home (OOH) companies. There always exists a comparison between online and offline advertising, video which is daily viewed by 5 Million is considered as a huge success whereas if billboard advertisement claims 5 Million impressions, it is mentioned as “prime real estate”. Other Read More

Strategies for effective Outdoor Advertising

Among the assorted advertising mediums out there, outdoor advertising continues to be an efficient choice, despite Read More

How does Online Advertising work?

Well ! Ads annoy us, and we are pretty much sure that you would have never come across any person who has said ” Oh my God! I just love Advertisements”, but the truth is if ads didn’t exist, the web would just not be the same. But, did you ever wonder How online advertising Read More

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