Top 10 Indian ads with a strong message

It has been well known fact that advertising is often criticized for being a very insidious vehicle for pushing agendas to sell products to the unsuspecting mass. However, every now and then an ad comes out with a strong and relevant social message attached to it. Even though this too is an attempt on the part of brands to bolster some form of credibility to themselves, it still does help get a relevant message out and so the effort must be credited duly. Which is exactly why today we picked 10 Indian ads that have truly relevant messages so they can be watched once again.


1. Vogue Empower

Vogue released an ad recently featuring Madhuri Dixit that highlights the pressures put on men to be manly as opposed to what they should actually be taught. Watch and learn what the lesson ought to be.


2. Tanishq – Mother’s Day

The bustle and stress of adulthood often sees many of us falling behind on our duties towards our folks. This beautiful ad starring Deepika Padukone reminds us the necessity of remembering.


3. Lifebuoy

Lack of proper sanitary measures have resulted in severe illnesses across our country. This beautiful ad and the work that followed it, done by the people at Lifebuoy tries to counter that exact problem.


4. Havells – Arranged Marriages

Havells is a brand that has always come out with extremely well advertisements. So it was no surprise when they took up the cause of female empowerment that they would come up with equally brilliant for the same.


5. The Hindu

The way our government is run is a worry that constantly surfaces in our minds. So when The Hindu decided to run an ad campaign they aimed it straight at our so called leaders!


6. Tanishq – Living A Second Time

We’ve often stigmatized divorce in our culture, often referring to it as a cause of shame. Tanishq beautifully addresses that issue in this ad of theirs.


7. Titan

A woman is often expected to be the homemaker in our country and she is often made to do the same by society. So when Titan released a new collection for women, they decided to take a stand for them!


8. Havells – Winds Of Change

When Havells decided to go with a new campaign slogan they decided to incorporate a tag line that helped them sell the need for change in our country – ‘Hawa Badlegi’ or ‘Winds of Change’. Here’s them taking a dig at a form of sexism we’d never noticed before.


9. Coca Cola

Animosity towards our neighbors in Pakistan has been a constant part of our Indian experience. So the folks at Coke decided to change all that with a simple face to face meeting!


10. Havells – Say No To Discrimination

Whilst we’re often engrossed in our urban life and its many quandaries, we often forget to notice the discrimination that have been ingrained in us. Watch this ad and you’ll know just what we’re talking about!

Tell us which one was your favorite!

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