#RideDontHide : Bajaj Avenger’s New Campaign

Ever since the demonetisation drive was announced about a month ago by PM Narendra Modi it seems to be the only topic on everyone’s mind. In keeping with this, Baja Avenger’s new film captures the fact that everyone is busy and caught up trying to find their wealth, namely materialistic wealth, but there is wealth beyond the usual definition that is all around us. The mountains, the streams, the autumn leaves and nature as a whole.

Commenting on the need for the film, Sumeet Narang, VP Marketing, Bajaj Auto, said, “We, as a brand, understand Avenger riders really enjoy and cherish riding and value experiencing outdoors. They seek treasure on either mountain tops or some sunny beaches. When demonetisation took the country by storm, we saw the subject of wealth accumulation from the riders’ perspective.”

The film, conceptualised by Mullen Lintas Mumbai,

Source: Mullenlowegroup

Source: Mullenlowegroup

highlights the underlying message that it seeks to convey, namely #RideDontHide. It begins with a statement on the immense wealth that the protagonist, or rather the rider, possesses as he makes his way across amazing trails in the country. Agreeing that his wealth is stashed away across many places, he makes his way to those locations much to the curiosity of the viewers. He eventually leads viewers to the natural wealth that’s abundantly available like the greenery, blue waters, bright yellow leaves, pristine white snow etc. He eventually confesses that he is indeed wealthy beyond measure but none of it is black. Thus every ride that one embarks on makes him richer thanks to newer experiences.

Commenting on the film, Ayyappan Raj, EVP-Mullen Lintas Mumbai, said, “Bajaj Avenger has been engaging on social media with topical messaging for almost a year now – from IPL to Social Media Day to Brotherhood Day. And it has worked quite well for the brand. This time, there’s a POV that’s very true to the biker’s attitude/outlook and sincere to the brand belief. How does the Avenger rider look at wealth is the perspective that we’ve brought out in the current context. It’s already got a good response and has received positive comments and feedback.”


Highlighting the creative thought process behind the campaign, Shriram Iyer, NCD, Mullen Lintas, said, “A rider’s wealth is the experiences he collects while riding. Riding brings us closer to the wealth of nature. The current conversation about black money allowed us a powerful context to make this point.”

The video film has been launched on online platforms and has received a favourable response from the viewers in a short span of time.

Sources: exchange4media

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